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    Added possibility to set animation running callbacks · 1795fef5
    cvet authored
    funcdef void AnimationCallbackFunc(Critter cr)
    void Critter::AddAnimationCallback(uint anim1, uint anim2, float normalizedTime, AnimationCallbackFunc animationCallback) const
    If anim1/anim2 equal to zero then it's applied to all sequence.
    Added method to determine bone position in offset of current hex position
    bool Critter::GetBonePosition(hash boneName, int& boneX, int& boneY) const
    Client function to determine tile name (hash)
    hash GetTileName(uint16 hexX, uint16 hexY, bool roof, int layer)
    Redesigned interaction with DrawMapSprite*.
    Added new class MapSprite for pass to new function
    void DrawMapSprite(MapSprite& mapSprite)
    Older DrawMapSpriteProto and DrawMapSpriteExt are removed.
    MapSprite class members:
    uint SprId
    uint16 HexX
    uint16 HexY
    hash ProtoId
    int FrameIndex
    int OffsX
    int OffsY
    bool IsFlat
    bool NoLight
    int DrawOrder
    int DrawOrderHyOffset
    int Corner
    bool DisableEgg
    uint Color
    uint ContourColor
    bool IsTweakOffs
    int16 TweakOffsX
    int16 TweakOffsY
    bool IsTweakAlpha
    uint8 TweakAlpha
    Example of using this stuff for character footsteps
    git-svn-id: https://xp-dev.com/svn/fonline_sdk@815 71b6ff52-6597-447a-9a87-58edf7a03249
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